Retrieve your Budget rental invoice

Retrieve a copy of your rental invoice

If it’s more than 36 hours since you completed your rental you can request a copy of your invoice using the search tool below.

Before you start, please make sure you have either – your reservation or rental agreement number.

How to find an invoice

  • Search by rental agreement number

You'll find the rental agreement number towards the top of the document given to you at the rental station where you picked up your vehicle.

  • Search by reservation number

You can find your booking number at the top of your booking confirmation email, e.g. 1235678FR1.

  • Still not able to find your invoice?

If you are unable to retrieve your invoice please try again using alternative search criteria. If you are still unable to retrieve your invoice, please complete this form

Notes on invoice search

  • Invoices are only available online 36 hours after completing your rental
  • Searches on rental agreement or reservation number return only the invoice for that booking
  • The last name you enter in the search tool must exactly match the name on the rental agreement or reservation record.
  • If your invoice has been modified more than once, you will only be able to see the latest version.

Understanding your invoice

The front of the invoice summarises the main billing elements. On the reverse you'll find a detailed breakdown of each item, including the corresponding VAT amount.

If you need more information please retrieve your invoice using the search tool above and click the Query button at the bottom left of the page to contact us.